Multilanguage, label design and application system.  Automatically generated item, box, package and palette labels includes legend, text, barcodes, pictures and certificates originated from database filtered for Production Order, Stock Item def. etc.


Labeling Requirements

Labeling requirements were developed in an effort to raise awareness and to protect U.S. consumers from misinterpretation of products due to false labeling and identification of goods. It is imperative that
foreign and domestic manufacturers correctly label and identify their goods. Severe penalties are associated to any infraction of the regulations governed by UnitedStates Federal Trade Commission and Customs Service Regulations.
In an effort to aid vendors in assuring that their product meets the labeling requirements setforth by U.S.regulations and various state requirements, we have developed the following matrix and information as a guide. It is important to note that the following information should be reviewed indetail as it pertains to the nature of goods in which you sell. There may be other requirements that apply. We have provided links to the various website’s and encourage foreign exporters to review these links to gain further information and guidance.

  • General Requirements for Labeling By Product Category
    Country of Origin
    Regulations related to the language
    Regulations related to the placement
    Care Labeling
    Fair Packaging and Labeling
    Fur Products Labeling Act
    Textiles Product Identification Act
    Wool Products Labeling Act
    California Prop65
    Food and Drug Administration
    SGCD-Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators
    Consumer Product Safety Commission
    The Federal Hazardous Substance Act
    United Laboratories