√ Android HMI apps
√ Online ERP integration
√ BOM line Management
√ Alternative Item Supply
√ Station Stock Item Management
√ Station Management
√ PO Management
√ Operations
√ Scada Iintegration
√ GoodPart, Scrap, Waste registry
√ Shift Operations
√ Quality Assurance
√ Labor Management
√ Scada Integrated DownTime Management
√ Scrap Management
√ Management of Apparatus
√ Technical Document System


—Data Collection & Acquisition

—Obtains operational production and parametric data associated with production equipment and processes.

—Provides real-time statuses of production equipment and processes

—Monitors production and either automatically corrects or provides decision support to operators for correcting and improving in-process functions.  It may include alarm management to handle process deviations

Operators scan their ID card when they start to their shift on station. Thus, Operator-Station-Product order triangle has completed. All values like time, quantity, performance related to any operation on a station by an operator is available at the system

BOM of any PO-Production Order is under the control of operator. Real time updates can be done, thus misuse of raw material, semi-product and product is prevented. Use and Production of any material is fully compatible with Shop Floor Activity

On time; Quality of any product is determined by field operator and classified like first, second, third, scarp, waste etc.

Technical Documentations related to any Production Order are attached, so operator is able to see all details on their HMI’s in case of production.